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Camp 2024 has reached full capacity we are no longer accepting new athletes

Elementary and Middle Boys and Girls


Starts Monday, June 3rd ends Wednesday, July 25th, 2024

Monday and Wednesday

6:30PM- 7:30PM 



Location: Martin County High School


Milers Running Club & Camp is an amateur athletic union (aau) registered club A $22.00 non-refundable Registration fee Applies

Sessions include:

  • Smarter Training & Physiology

  • Energy Systems

  • Mobility, Flexibility, Coordination, and Agility

  • Care & Prevention of Injuries

  • Nutrition, Hydration & Sleep Needs for Runners

  • Proper Warm-up, Cooldown & Stretching

  • Proper Shoe Selection

  • Weight & Circuit Training for Runners

  • Core Training

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