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Volunteering for Milers Running Club and Camp

Milers Running Club and Camp welcomes caring people, passionate people, people who act like they own the club for our community-based non-profit youth running club.  

To volunteer, contact (954) 579-4991 

Volunteer coaches need to submit a resume showing both employment and coaching/sports experience as well undergo a background check.

For new coaches, we require:

1-   You submit a resume outlining both your work and sports experience.

2-  You pick a day (or two) that you can attend practice regularly.

3-    Register with AAU as a “Non-Athlete”

4-   You’ll automatically undergo a background check on AAU. Our club number is number is W3W9B9. After you register online with the Milers, you will start to receive memos on the club’s operations and practice updates.

I welcome you to the Milers and look forward of our productive relationship. Thank you for supporting youth runners here in Martin county, Florida.

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